Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Advanced analytics for Wordpress and Woocommerce e-shop in few minutes and for free.

Woocommerce is an extremely popular free e-shop solution for Wordpress. The basic woocommerce installation has all required components for the quick iinstallation and operation of your e-commerce business. It includes also some basic reports which give you some rough idea where your actual business stands.

When your business starts to grow, you soon reach the limits for wordpress standard reporting and search for plugins or extensions to extend it.

With KPI Watchdog- reporting and analytical tool, you can prepare your woo-commerce e-shop reporting and business intelligence like a professional in few clicks and for free or fraction of the price of the standard BI solutions and custom reporting extensions.

Limitations of standard Woocommerce Reports:

  1. Limited aggregation options
  2. No chance to compare with numbers from other sources (Google Analytics, Facebook, excel, etc.)
  3. No e-mail alerts 
  4. No chance to compare more Woocommerce installations in one view.

And here is how you can address this limitations in KPI Watchdog:

1 . In Woocommerce Reports you see the daily numbers (revenues, orders, etc).  It is very easy to grasp but it limits your options if you want to analyse the volatility and traction of your business in longer term.

Connect your Wordpress shop to your KPI Watchdog account and you will be able to see the trend line of your key e-shop metrics in various aggregations based on your choice- daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly.
You will also see the results for partial cycles with xTD aggregations. For instance, look at your revenues with the month-to-date (MTD) aggregation on 15th of the month and you will see your revenues for the first 15 days in each month in your history. It is extremely important if you run the cyclic business with the regular peaks (after your weekly or monthly newsletter, etc.).

2. You most probably use goals in Google Analytics to monitor your shopping cart conversion. While it is very important for analysing success rate of particular channels, these figures are not necessarily relevant for your revenue reports. Actual revenues can differ from those measured in Google Analytics. In KPI Watchdog, you can pull any Google Analytics metric (e.g. visits of your landing page or basket) and compare it with your REAL revenue from the e-shop database and even calculate the Conversion rate automatically.

3. You can get automatic e-mail alert if you true conversion rate goes off the limit. E-mail is triggered by our intelligent algorithm so you do no need to worry about the complex settings, just turn it on or off.

4. If you run more Woocommerce eshops installations for you or your clients, you can consolidate your key metrics in one interface and compare which shop performs better in which metrics.

Set-up is extremely easy! You can get your reports up and running in few clicks, including the full history of your e-shop. offers a FREE FOREVER program with 5 metrics and unlimited dashboards, there is no reason to wait. Try it now.