Monday, April 14, 2014

Do you want to calculate conversion from any Google Analytics or database metric? We will tell you how !

  1. Ratio between number of website visitors from Google Analytics and revenue from orders recorded in my e-shop database?

  2. Need for your own Facebook metric, e.g. Post Reach/Number of fans?
  3. Want to monitor an average number of pageviews from multiple websites listed under different google analytics profiles?
  4. Change your USD e-shop revenue to EUR with the fixed exhange rate? 

Stop exporting them manually and crunching numbers in Excel.
With KPI Watchdog Reporting and Analytical tool, you can combine and compare multiple data sources and calculate AUTOMATICALLY any new metric you want.
Simply create new Calculated Metric and type your formula in the field. As you type, Autocompleter will suggest you the metrics you can use. Apply the basic math symbols + - *- ( )  or numbers and you are done. 
Your new metric is ready to use.