Monday, June 23, 2014

Import your AdSense revenues into KPI Watchdog.

Online businesses which rely on the advertising revenue from AdSense can now easily connect all important metrics from AdSense directly into KPI Watchdog. They can compare them with other figures from different sources, with other AdSense accounts or share the selected information to the partners.

As usual, you have two ways how to set-up your AdSense metrics in KPI Watchdog:

1. Quick and easy bulk import using the ready-made template

Connect you AdSense account and simply choose which metrics out of the 6 bellow you want to import:

Page CTR (click-through-rate, as a  %, divide the # of clicks by the # of page views or # of ad impressions)
CPC (cost per click, an average of what you are getting for each click, so it's total earnings divided by # of clicks)
Page RPM (Rate Per 1000 Impressions, is a reference of what you are currently earning for every 1000 impressions. Total earnings divided by number of page views or ad impressions multiplied by 100)

2. Custom AdSense metric
If you want to create the AdSense metrics with the special condition, e.g. filtered by campaign or country where it was generated, use the Custom Metrics where you can add filter.

For instance, you want to report the revenues generated only from pageviews from Canada, add it to the filter. For more information, visit our knowledge base.