Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Intelligent e-mail alerts about your business performance- how they work

Running an online business is sometimes like playing a egg-catching game.

With one difference that in the real world you sometimes do not realise that you cracked the egg until it is too late.

Intelligent alerting system is an important part of KPI Watchdog solution.
You do not need to check all your metrics every day, you simply turn the alert on and get an e-mail once your record extremely high or low numbers for the specific metric.
 It is handy when you have projects or metrics you do not analyse every day or important metrics you do not want to miss.

How e-mail alerts work:

KPI Watchdog alerting system analyses your previous data using the multiple set of clever algorithms and predicts the value for the upcoming date. If your actual value is significantly bigger or smaller than expected, it sends you an e-mail alert.

You do not need to be afraid of number of e-mails, all alerts for your account are grouped in one summary e-mail sent once a day and only for a day where was something irregular reported in your business performance.

Content of the alert:

In the alert e-mail, you get an information about the last value, previous value, a reason for the alert (higher or lower value than expected) and usual range typical for the particular date.

How to set up / turn off the alert

turn off/turn onIt cannot be easier. In the list of metrics as well as in the metric detail, you will see the bell ring icons. With one mouse click on the icon, you turn the alert on or off  for the particular metric. No need to set up the complex rules or thresholds, you can leave it for watchdog artificial intelligence.

Alerts can be sent for any metric monitored via KPI Watchdog- database, Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Adsense or combination of those (via calculated metric). It works for daily, weekly and monthly metrics.
E-mail alerts are offered for free for all KPI Watchdog plans. Try it out

Image attribution: application iWolf for iOS