Thursday, August 21, 2014

Social Media Marketing: What is value of your facebook fan? Simple calculation formula.

Whether you want to buy Facebook fans, increase your fans base organically or via facebook ads, it is always important to know what is a value of your single facebook fan and how it is changing over time.

Based on this trend you can adjust your facebook campaign or even social media marketing strategy.

In KPI Watchdog you or your social media agency can easily and for free track and analyse the ROI of your facebook campaign investment and adjust your Facebook marketing spending accordingly.

Calculation Formula: 

Revenue from facebook monthly / Number of likes = Value of one facebook fan (like)

Free tracking of social media in KPI Watchdog- set-up:

Revenue from Facebook- it is up to you how you want to  measure it. You can import your e-commerce metric filtered by source: Facebook or if you track it directly in your database, use your database connector to import it to KPI Watchdog.

Facebook Fans- use Facebook connector and import Facebook Fan metric with monthly periodicity.

Value of one facebook like - use calculated metric with the above formula.

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