Monday, October 27, 2014

Using KPI Watchdog for reporting AdWords campaings

AdWords tool is an essential marketing tool for management of pay per click campaigns. If you require extra reporting functions, try to use KPI Watchdog for this task. With KPI Watchdog reporting tool, you can do automated ROI calculations of your AdWords campaigns or create new metrics as a combination of pay-per-click (PPC) metrics and other e-commerce marketing metrics (e.g. revenue, visits or conversions).

All this you can achieve using our standard Google Analytics connector.

Here is a short guide how to prepare your reporting for AdWords:

Pleas note that it is expected that you have connected your AdWords account with your Google Analytics.
In the KPI Watchdog, choose Add new KPI and pick the tile with Custom Google Analytics Metric.

Fill the metric name and choose AdWords in KPI Category (as highlighted on the picture below).

Finally, you can choose the type of Adwords KPI you want to monitor- AdWords Impressions, AdWords Clicks, AdWords Cost.
Optionally, you can also define filter using the similar syntax as with other Google Analytics metrics.

Possible AdWords use cases:
- Monitoring pay per click spend (PPC spendings) for multiple websites

- Measuring the money value of your AdWords return on investment (ROI).
AdWords tool itself provide you only ROI in per cents but not in dollars or EURO. With KPI Watchdog you are not limited and can define the metric which fits perfectly your needs. For instance, define how much money you actually earned thanks to the pay to click campaigns.
- add your own...