Thursday, December 18, 2014

New pre-defined date ranges in KPI metric detail.

For users who prefer to monitor their metrics in the completed cycles, we have added three new options in the calendar picker- Last week/ Last month/ Last quarter.

For instance,  if you are in the middle of the December and select Last month, you will get date range from 1st of November to 30th of November.
If you choose Last week date range, it will show you the dates from the last Monday to the last Sunday.
You can use this setup also for displaying your last week result in your dashboards. Simply pick the last week date range, compare it to previous period and add to dashboard as total value number widget. 
P.S:New date ranges should load automatically but if you experience some problem with your date picker, try to refresh your ppage (Ctr+F5 for Win or Cmd+r for Mac)