Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Connecting Sendy with KPI Watchdog (technical tutorial)

You can get the reporting data from Sendy to KPI Watchdog with our special Sendy connector and using the same process as with installing standard API connector. No programming skills are needed.

Here is a short tutorial:

1. Download Sendy2KPIwatchdog zip connector from our Github site.

2. Unzip and open the file sendy2watchdog.php in text editor (e.g. notepad or similar). In the line 9 (highlighted), write your API key- it can include any text or number characters (longer is better).

3.  Save and upload to the server folder where you have your Sendy installed

4. Login to, add new metric and choose type Custom API metric
5. Fill the form for new data source- name, URL of your server location where you uploaded the connector and the same API Key you created in step 2.

6. Create KPI metric monitoring your mailing list performance- name of the metric, default aggregation Average and  add into additional API parameters the hash of your list in form:


You will find the hashed ID of your mailing list in your Sendy account->View all lists.

You are ready now to collect the reporting data from your Sendy e-mail mailing installation.
One Sendy API metric collects the total number of subscribed users at date when the campaign was sent and segments measuring e-mails bounced, open, read, clicked, unsubsribed and reported as spam. 

If you are interested, we can provide you the connector version with percentage ratios, just let us know. Or you can prepare your own via Calculated metric

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