Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reporting Sendy e-mail marketing newsletters with KPI Watchdog

If you searched for the best e-mail marketing service for your newsletters and other mass e-mails, you probably met arguably the best e-mail marketing software from self-hosted solutions, called Sendy.

While Sendy provides an excellent price-to-value ratio claiming to be 100x cheaper than Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, it provides only limited progress reporting embedded in the e-mail marketing application itself.

Introducing Sendy 2 KPI Watchdog API connector 

Therefore we decided to prepare for you a special Sendy to KPIwatchdog API connector which will help you to export easily the key Sendy e-mail marketing reports to KPI Watchdog. You do not need to export them to the excel and do number crunching manually. And monitoring of performance up to 5 mailing lists is completely free.

Benefits of having Sendy metrics in KPI Watchdog:

  • Compare the performance of e-mail newsletters over the time sent to the specific list.  

Has your open rate grown compared to the newsletter campaigns sent few months ago?

Do you need to see performance of your mailing list over the last year.

  • Compare the e-mail performance among multiple Sendy accounts/lists
You run Sendy for multiple clients or different departments use a separate account within your installation. Or do you have multiple installations and want to merge the e-mail results into one consolidated e-mail report.  

  • Compare e-mail marketing performance with the data from OTHER SOURCES- Google analytics or database.
Compare E-mail Opens with number of registered users from e-mail newsletter and those who purchased from e-mail or achieved other Google Analytics goal from e-mail.

  • Calculate automatically a CONVERSION RATE from subscribed users or users who opened your newsletter (things you cannot track in Google analytics) against those who purchased something from your e-shop or achieved another goal.     

Interested? You can import to KPI Watchdog data from up to 5 Sendy mailing lists for free. Download Sendy connector from our Github