Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Database Reports. How to instruct your webmaster

Your database is an extremely valuable source of information. Our database connector allows also for non-technical people to easily extract the business data from database for KPIs they need to monitor.

reporting from database scheme

Installation is quite simple:

You just need to have a webserver which:
- supports php
- is accessible from Internet
- have an access to the database.

So if you run your website or e-shop, you already meet these requirements. If not, contact us and we will try to find a reporting solution for you.

Then you or your webmaster need to upload the Database connector to the server and ccreate a connection to KPI Watchdog in 2 easy steps.

See more information in our in our tutorial how to set up connection to MySQL database

Tutorial Content:
1. Preparing MySQL Database Connector
2. Upload to server
3. Set up the connection to http://KPIwatchdog.com account
4. Create your KPI metric
16:26 Advanced SQL query building- table joins (Wordpress Woocommerce example)
17:06 Playing with data visualisation- comparing to other metrics, other date range, add to dashboard