Monday, March 9, 2015

Reporting year on year growth

An instant visual overview of metrics comparison with previous period or previous year (year-on-year growth) is a crucial part of each KPI reporting tool.

With the latest KPI Watchdog release, we have emphasised time comparison feature even more also in metric detail view:

1. You can now see date periods for compared values next to each other right in the table.

2. Similarly to number widget in dashboard, you can now see the percentage difference for total and each value in the table.

3. Edit numbers/Add row which gives you Excel like editing option to online metrics is now moved bellow the table (it is shown in default aggregation for metrics you own (e.g. daily))

For example, the picture above shows you that weather in London in the last February week has been 18% worse (colder) compared to the same week previous year.

4. If you use our Intelligent alerts for monitoring the extraordinary performance, you will see in the table also the small arrow icon next to the number which has been flagged as extraordinary by our algorithms. 

Hopefully your business performance recorded better figures that weather in London. :-)

Monitor them regularly with KPI Watchdog reporting tool.