Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tell your story with our ready-made reports and dashboards

dashboards for e-shops, online marketing and facebook

When you set up your first online KPI reporting, you usually ask two questions:

Which metrics do I need to report for my online project? 

How do I want to visualise my online KPI metrics?

Our online reporting tool provide you the endless possibilities to customise your reports and dashboards with various options for frequencies, aggregations, comparisons and custom calculations.
On the other hand, we have been hearing from you that you would like to simplify the way how you set up your reports.

Solution is here- we have launched a new feature- Ready-made Dashboard Templates. 

online KPI reporting tools
  With ready-made dashboards, we have distilled the three most typical use cases how you use our KPI reporting tool and created the most typical KPI reports and KPI dashboards for them. Great thing is that you can get them with only few mouse clicks.
Website and E-shops template creates dashboard reports for monitoring an online project using Google Analytics and Google AdSense as data sources. It contains key audience metrics, conversions and revenues from AdSense.

Online Marketing template can be a great help if you run a Google AdWords pay-per-click campaign for your website or for your client as a digital agency. One form submit and you have a dashboard with the key online marketing metrics ready to share with your team or clients.

Facebook Effectivity template helps you to monitor your Facebook page performance. It combines the key metrics from Facebook Page Insights reports and the Facebook conversion data from Google Analytics into one dashboard.
By the way, did you know that only in KPI Watchdog you can visualise the Facebook page performance data for the whole year automatically, with no need to export them manually.

Of course, your ready-made dashboards are not rigid, you can always tweak them later- change the widgets sequence, enrich them with your custom data (from Excel or your database) or with custom calculations. You can also use these templates for multiple online projects so you can easily compare and monitor key online metrics from all your projects in one place.

Enough of words, try Reporting Dasboard Templates on your own now.