Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Geckoboard alternative

Can KPI Watchdog Reporting serve as a Geckoboard alternative?

We hear this question a lot from our users. Firstly, we do not see KPI Watchdog as a direct competitor to Geckoboard and other online dataviz and dashboarding tools. They are great for preparing the fancy, visually pleasing dashboards from various, not necessarily only business services. They serve as a pure visualisations tools and they are really good at it.

On the other hand, KPI Watchdog can serve to some extent for the same purpose (dashboards, sharing, display on mobile, etc). But its value grows enormously if you are tasked to prepare and deliver the full-scale online reports. So not only pre-defined widgets showing the current status but including the ability to drill down to the details such as history, different time aggregations, comparison to other metrics, or custom calculations (margins, conversion rates, etc.).

Here is side-by-side key features Geckoboard comparison:

KPI Watchdog
Starting Price
49$ / month


Data source integrations
8 (other upon request)
Widget types
2 (line and number widget)
Project admins

Max. 1
Max. 2
Metrics with saved history
5 in Free plan,
50 metrics for 21$/month
Best for
Data visualisation- real time and instant status overview, demonstration on the big screen/TV and sharing.

Data visualisation and data analysis- daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting, time aggregations, data merging and custom calculation from multiple sources, trend analysis, e-mail alerts

As both products offer a free 30-days trial with all features enabled, you can try it on your own and check which one (or both) fit your needs.

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