Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Google Analytics alternative

google analytics alternative kpi watchdog

Can KPI Watchdog Reporting serve as a Google Analytics alternative?

Google Analytics is one of the data sources which can be used for creating business reports in KPI Watchdog so these two services are not in conflict.

We definitely recommend to use the web analytics tool collecting data with javascript tracking code- Google Analytics, Piwik or commercial alternatives from Omniture or Comscore. KPI Watchdog itself does not track the web users.

KPI Watchdog uses the data from the above mentioned online analytics tools and combines them with other more reliable data sources in order to provide the top-level reports and calculations.

Google Analytics side-by-side comparison with KPI Watchdog:

KPI Watchdog
Starting Price
Method of data collection
Single tracking javascript code
Multiple tracking javascript codes (via multiple Google Analytics accounts), database entries (via DB connector) and from other tools (via APIs)
Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
E-mail alerts
Manual set-up
Automatic algorithms
Data collection frequency
Daily, weekly or monthly
Yes (in free GA account)
Depending on data source:
Yes (in free GA account)
No data sampling
 (in database reporting)
Best for
Real-time insight, drill-down analysis, conversion tracking, tracking of the complete consumer journey on the website.   
Business and financial reporting of true recorded data (from database), automatic calculations, easy combination of multiple sources

KPI Watchdog is not a direct Google Analytics alternative but more sort of mash-up which can enrich your Google Analytics experience. It has set-up Google templates for automatic import of your most important Google Analytics metrics and you can start to use it for free.

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