Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Keep forgetting passwords? Login with Google

Google oAuth registration
If you keep forgetting your KPI Watchdog password, we have just launched a quick remedy.

You can know create your new account and log in with your Google account. 

It uses a standard Google OAuth 2.0 protocol so you share only gmail or google e-mail address with us. Google password or other private information stays at Google.

New users: 

You can choose if you want to register with your Google account or create your new account at KPI Watchdog.
If you sign up with Google/Gmail and later you decide that you want to have a separate account, you can create a new password in Edit KPI Watchdog profile.

Existing users:

If you registered previously with your Gmail e-mail address or google account (almost half of you did), you can automatically start using the Log in with Google or stay log in with e-mail address and password.
Both options will work.

What if I have more google accounts and I need to log in into KPI Watchdog with?

KPI Watchdog will sign you in with the Google account you are logged in at the moment. 
If you want to sign with another account, simply log out and in Google and then in our reporting tool.

Try log in with Google >>