Thursday, December 31, 2015

E-commerce: Which data sources are the most popular for reporting KPIs

Most popular KPI metrics
Have you ever wondered which data sources are mostly used in e-commerce business for creating reports and dashboards?

Here are some stats from KPI watchdog reporting tool. The most popular data sources in 2015 were Google products- Google Analytics, Google Adsense and Google AdWords which combined generate 35 per cent of all active metrics.
They are followed by database and API metrics with 21%.
Manually uploaded metrics from excel and .csv files hold a third position with 15 per cent share of all metrics.

What is coming ?

Using the sport terminology, these metrics will need to defend their positions in the next year as other data sources have started to chase them significantly.
Calculated metric and Woocommerce metrics reported the biggest year-on-year growth (monthly average of December 2015 compared to the same period of previous year). We will see if they will be able to keep the momentum and reach the podium the next year.

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