Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Introducing GAHINT- the simplest online reporting tool

Let's be honest. Sometimes you simply do not feel for deep-dive analysis of your key performance indicators and dashboards.
You do not want to spend hours with searching for trends and root causes why the traffic of your website has suddenly dropped or increased.

For those moments, we offer:

GAHINT- the simplest reporting tool in the world.

The access is simple. All info you need you get via e-mail so you do not need to log in anywhere.
It simplifies your operation. It notifies you only when some significant change happens (using the Intelligent alert system from KPI Watchdog). You can always mute these notifications when you go for holidays.
It gives you simple hints. It will tell you what contributed to your website traffic rise or fall. Was it the traffic from Facebook? Users from India? With GAHINT, you will know it immediately.
Set-up is simple. With only 3 mouse clicks, 20 seconds of your time and 0 technical knowledge, you have everything up and running. Here is the proof:

Did we mention that  it is completely free?

It is true, you can use GAHINT for one website completely free.

And all paying KPIWatchdog customers (yes, including 9EUR plans) can get the GAHINT for unlimited number of websites for no extra costs.)

What do you need?
Access to working Google Analytics profile.

How does GAHINT interact with KPI Watchdog?
While it uses some resources from KPI Watchdog, it is currently offered as the standalone web application with the separate login and only for Google Analytics data source.
You do not need to have KPI Watchdog account to use GAHINT.

What does GAHINT monitor?
It checks visits to your website and dimensions which contributed to it- countries, sources and medium. We can later add other metrics when we see your interest, e.g. goals, revenues, etc. Let us know if you want it.