Thursday, April 7, 2016

Import your invoices and expenses from the invoicing system Fakturoid

Fakturoid is a Czech-based online invoicing system for entrepreneurs and small and medium companies.

Based on the request from our user, we have now added the option to automatically import the the most important metrics- your invoiced sum and expenses from the invoicing system into KPI Watchdog where you can process it further. Our connector used Fakturoid API so it is secure and easy to create.

Typical use cases:

  • Compare the invoiced revenues with your other web performance metrics (e.g. visits from Google analytics), Facebook engagement, AdWords and AdSense costs or number of registered users from your web database.
  •  Calculate automatically the commission for your partners, registered user value, etc.
  • Share your project business performance and financial cash flow to your partners, team or investors. 

Are you interested in connecting another data source? Let us know.